About me:

Whether you are looking for new things to add to your life or a solution to your skin care problems, you are in the right place.

Since you are already here, my gut tells me that you are an energetic, delightful and cheerful person with an outstanding look. However, maybe you:

  • Have no idea which beauty products to buy
  • Search for new cosmetic products to put on your face
  • Look for more information about cosmetic products

No matter what your purpose is, Be Clean Shop is where you can find the answer to almost all of your question.
Look, I know what it feels like when you no longer feel confident due to some skin problems. I’ve been there, too. I tried many different ways I could but nothing seems to change yet.

I have a few beliefs that:

  • Anyone deserves an outstanding look that has been taken care carefully
  • You do not need to empty your pocket for just one or two cosmetic products
  • Sharing is caring

Here is the gist: if you are encountering skin problems, I’m here to help you get over it with recommended products, tips and guidance on how to take care of your genuine skin carefully.

My name is Marlene Haynes and I am obsessed with skin care products, tips, and tricks.

How did it become my life?

To begin with, a few years ago, I was so busy with work and social life that I did not take care of my body, particularly my skin carefully. As a consequence, my skin suffered from many skin problems that I did not have any idea how to cure them. I tried to go to see the doctor but the problem just did not go away.

It took me a long time to find out a practical way to get rid of a face full of acne. I started step by step and it worked. So, I started this website to share my knowledge with those who have been struggling with the same problems as I did.

Magical, right?

I had no idea this would become my full-time job. Through various articles about tips and tricks, advice and high-quality products I recommend, I hope you would find something really useful to you.
And last but not least, thank you so much for being here. I truly appreciate.

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