The Best Beauty Tips for Neck That You Need to Know (and Do!)

As the saying goes, first impressions last. This is the very reason why a lot of women invest their time, money and effort in ensuring that they will look their best at all times. If you are one of these women, you may already be slathering moisturizer, toner, sunblock and anti-aging cream all over your face. But despite all your efforts, something is still amiss. You still don’t look as youthful as you were before.

What are you doing wrong? Well, sister, you might be neglecting your neck. As we age, it is not only our face that gets old—our neck sags overtime as well. This is all because of the loss of elastin and collagen that occurs naturally when we age. In fact, it is our neck that will first exhibit signs of aging like wrinkling and sagging because it is a lot thinner than your face.

With that, what should you do to prevent gravity from pulling your neck downwards? How can you avoid getting the turkey neck that all women are dreading? Well, you need to read this article to find out!

The Best Beauty Tips for Your Neck

According to experts, the skin of our neck is quite different from that of our face. It is considered to be thinner and is, therefore, more delicate. Moreover, our neck does not have the glands that produce oil which keeps our skin plump and hydrated. That is why this is one of the body parts that reveal our age first.

These are the exact reasons why we need to put the following beauty tips for neck into action:

  • Apply sunscreen.

Our necks are exposed to the sun at all times, and as we all know, too much sun exposure can cause skin dryness and facilitate the loss of collagen and elastin on the skin. This will increase your chances of exhibiting signs of aging. We do not want that, would we?

Because of this, it is a must that you protect your neck from the harmful effects of the sun, and the best way to do that is to apply sunscreen every single day. If you regularly apply sunscreen to your face but tend to forget about your neck, you should start paying attention to it too.

Apply sunscreen half an hour before you step out of your home. You should also not forget to re-apply it after every two to four hours so your skin will remain protected all throughout the day.

  • Enjoy a neck massage.

The best way to keep your neck plump and hydrated is to massage it. The motions involved in a massage boost blood flow to the neck, keeping it plump and well-moisturized. Because of this, it is recommended that you enjoy neck massages every night or every other night.

Of course, you can do the massage yourself. But please keep in mind that the direction of your massage strokes. The strokes must be in vertical movements from lower to upper part of the neck. Avoid doing circular motions when massaging your neck. You should also never massage it from top to bottom.

Another option that you have to use a neck massager. This device produces movements that replicate the hands of a masseuse. Not only will it boost blood circulation; it can help to relax stiff muscles as well. If you want to go down this route, you should use the best neck and shoulder massager of 2019 on

But please keep in mind that too much of anything (even the good things) can be bad for you. With that in mind, you should not over massage your neck as doing so can put too much strain on your neck. This can do more bad than good. A neck massage must only last for up to 15 minutes. You should also take a break for 1 to 2 minutes in between.

  • Choose and use the right neck cream.


Because of the unique composition of the skin in our neck area, it has special needs. That is why it is a must that you choose skin care products that can give your neck the care and special attention that it needs.

When looking for the best neck cream, you should take into consideration its ingredients. First of all, you should go for a neck cream that contains antioxidants as it can protect the body from free radicals which cause signs of aging.

Second, you may also want to choose a neck cream that contains ingredients that can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Some of these ingredients include stem cell extracts and peptides.

Lastly, choose a neck cream that contains emollients as these ingredients keep the moisture in, ensuring that your neck will stay plump and hydrated for a long time.

  • Exfoliate.

Yes, your neck needs a good ol’ exfoliation from time to time. But since this part of the skin is a bit thin, it is recommended that you use only gentle exfoliants and avoid anything that may cause dryness or redness.

Aside from choosing the right exfoliator, you should also ensure that you are applying it right. Always use upward strokes in applying skin care products in your neck. Doing so can help you avoid sagging skin in the neck area.

You should also avoid over-exfoliation as it can cause your neck to dry out. Exfoliate your neck for only 3 minutes then wash it off right away. Do this three times a week (at most) to achieve the best results.

  • Don’t forget to remove your makeup.

No one wants to have uneven skin tone on the neck and face. That is why most people also apply makeup on their necks. But when night time comes, a lot of us forget to remove makeup in the neck area.

The harsh chemicals in the makeup may dry out the skin in the neck area, causing it to wrinkle and sag. If you want to prevent this, do not forget to remove your makeup in that part of the skin. Always make an effort to do it no matter how tired you already are.

  • Apply moisturizing oil to the skin.

The skin in our neck area tends to get dry easily. Because of this, a simple moisturizer won’t do. The best way to hydrate and rejuvenate this area is to make use of light moisturizing oils like olive oil, chamomile oil, or eucalyptus oil at night.

Massage this to your neck (in upward motions, of course!) for around 5 to 10 minutes before you go to sleep.

  • Use mask on your neck.

We know that masks can do great wonders to our face but did you know that it can work equally well to our necks too? Apply hydrating masks (any vegetable or fruit masks) on your neck every other day and enjoy its moisturizing benefits. Avoid using clay masks as it can cause dryness to the skin.

In Summary

It is a must that we pay great attention and care to our neck, especially as we grow old. Because of its unique composition and its susceptibility to wrinkling and sagging, we must take good care of it by following the tips mentioned. In this way, you will be able to look younger for longer!



Marlene Haynes is a skin care specialist and beauty blogger who lived in CA. Marlene has been focusing on skin care for a few years and has helped many people get rid of their skin problems. Be Clean Shop is where she shared her knowledge and reach out to more people who need her advice.

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