How to Curl with Hot Rollers without Damaging the Hair Ends?

Waves and curls are in range nowadays, but it is not easy to get the right look. Use of a curling iron can cause arm cramps, and these curls may quickly fall limp.

Use of hair roller is a traditional, but effective method to curl hair. If you want to wave, volumize or curl your hair, you will need hot rollers, wet-set rollers or foam rollers.

Before learning how to curl with hot rollers without damaging the hair ends, it is important to choose the right rollers.

Choose Hair Rollers

Some hot rollers brands are available in the market, and it can be difficult for you to choose the right hot rollers.

You have to consider the nature and style of your hair. If you want to create tight curls, you can use small rollers. With the use of large rollers, you can create wavy and soft curls.

Large rollers can volumize hair and make ends curly instead of creating defined waves or curls. If you have at least shoulder-length hair, you can use large rollers.

Hot rollers are suitable for all types of hair except thin or fine hair that is prone to damage. These are particularly useful to decrease the chances of frizz.

The number of rollers often depends on the size of curls that you want to create and size of your head. If you want to build lots of small and tight curls with small or medium rollers, you will need dozens of rollers.

Every roller should perfectly sit on every section of hair and try to grab equal hair for every roller to regardless of the thickness or texture of hair.

If you want extra shine and smoothness, you can use felt rollers. These are good for frizzy hair. Feel free to create a different wave or curl shapes by wrapping hair around a curler numerous times.

For instance, make 1 ½ wraps around one curler to create a “C” shape curl. To create an “S” shape, you can use 2 ½ wraps around the curler. The number of wraps will depend on the actual size of a curler and length of hair.

Blow Dryer to Straighten Hair

Before using hot rollers in extremely curly hair, you should use blow dry to make hair straight. It will prove helpful to set uniform and smooth curls.

Preheat Rollers to Get Ideal Temperature

It is essential to preheat hot rollers to get perfect temperature before using them. Carefully follow the instructions of the manufacturer. If your hot rollers come with different temperature settings, you can experiment with these settings to find the right setting for you.

For spiral and tight curls, use small rollers at high temperature. For looser and softer curls, use large rollers at low temperatures.

Heat Activated is Important for Hair

Heat activated creams and sprays are easily available at beauty stores and drug stores. This product is essential to protect from damage and keep your curls set for a longer period.

Apply your selected product evenly on your dry hair.

Partition of Hair Into Manageable Sections

Just create a 2 – 3 inches wide Mohawk from your forehead to the back of the neck. Use a clip to secure it. You will need a tail comb to part your hair on both sides of head in some even sections and use clips to secure them.

Comb every section of hair to make them wide for rollers, and these should not be thick than 2 inches. Hold every part upward and away from your head.

Put a roller at the end of hair and roll toward scalp while rolling away from the face. Secure this section with clips.

Continue this process to roll every Mohawk section and start working from the front and move toward the back. You should make manageable sections of your hair and roll them in the roller. Secure every section with some clips.

It is time to roll your hair on sides by combing every section. Comb a section in the side and pull it upward and away from head and put a roller diagonally crosswise the ends. Tightly roll the roller to your scalp and use clips to secure. Replicate this process to roll all hair.

If you want a bigger lift, roll your hair at the upper part of your side sections transversely. For highest lift, roll hair upward at almost 90 degrees angle from every section.

Let the roller completely cool before removing each piece from hair. If you try to remove hair quickly, it may result in loose curls. Rollers may take longer to cool down to create thick curls. Be patient and get worthwhile results.

Carefully Remove Rollers

Remove bottom curls and move toward your top head. Hold your rollers in hand and carefully remove clips with other.

There is no need to tug or pull out the hair as it can mess up your curls and may damage your hair. Let it drop out of your curl.

Style Hair as per Need

If you want flowing and loose waves, you can brush through curls to remove as much as you want.

On the other hand, if you want to keep curls tight and neat, you have to run the fingers of your hands through hair. Use hair spray to get long-lasting curls.

To get maximum volume, bend over to hand down your head. Shake your head for 3 to 5 times and gently run fingers through your curls. It will make your hair bouncy and big.


Hot rollers help you to make crispy curls in your hair. You can use long rollers to make soft curls and short rollers to make tight curls.

Hot rollers come with unique features for your convenience. Make sure to consider the style and length of your hair before choosing rollers.

If you want to learn more about how to curl with hot rollers without damaging the hair ends, the ideals of Beauty Shortcutips can be helpful for you.


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