How to style your hair with hot rollers?

Hot rollers look old fashioned, but it is a good technique to style your hair. You can produce natural-looking curls that elegantly falls on your shoulders. The hot rollers tips – Q&A can be helpful to learn valuable tricks to use hot rollers.

You can use hot rollers to create ringlets, bouncy waves, and classic curls. If you want to get long-lasting curls without damaging your hair, here are a few tips for your assistance.

Keep Big Roller on Top

You can get rollers in some sizes from 20mm – 60mm. It will be good to choose big roller to keep on the top and put smaller rollers on the back and both sides. Small curls can stay for a longer period.

Carefully Use Fingers

Before brushing your hair, use your fingers to loosen your hair curls. It is a gentle way to untangle your hair without damaging them.

Paddle Brush

It seems right to use round brushes for curls and styling. If you want to soften up curls without destroying them, you can use a smooth flat brush. You can set your hair for a longer duration with light hairsprays.

Use Rollers in Single Direction

For fanciful texture, start blow drying arbitrarily and shake your fingers in hair strands. Use a leave-in conditioner to keep hair hydrated instead of blow drying and hot rollers.

Make Your Hair Healthy

Constant curling with a curler; therefore, you can use big rollers. Small rollers can help you to get beauty pageant hairstyle.

Eat healthy food items to keep your hair healthy and stay away from excessive use of hair spray and a hot iron.

Increase Volume of Hair and Make Roots Smooth

Increase volume of your hair by using ceramic plated rollers. These offer extra heat transfer on your hair.

You may have to create excessive texture and body in hair to keep them shiny and soft. You can apply volumizing mousses. A mousse works well in damp and freshly washed hair. It works well through roots to ends.

Horizontal and Vertical

If you want to make ringlets, just roll your hot rollers perpendicularly instead of horizontally. Use a small curler to create beautiful ringlets.

Consider Shape of Your Face

Soft and big curls look incredibly flattering on girls with angular face shapes. You can try large rollers to get beautiful bombshell curls.

Roll Your Hair Up

The number of hot rollers will be based on the thickness and length of hair. You can alternate the number of rollers in every layer. It can be 2, 3 and then two again.

Clip Your Hair

There is no need to use metal pins that often come with rollers. Instead of it, you can use big hair clips to hold your hair. These will not leave creases in the hair and keep your locks perfectly smooth.

Flowing and Loose Curls

If you want to create celebrity-like rollers, you can use 1-inch rollers to get maximum volume in luscious locks.

Moisturize Your Hair

Roll large portions of hair and get maximum body along with little curves. The heat can create brilliant shine. Try to moisturize your hair before utilizing rollers like Conair heat rollers.

If you want to add volume to hair, it will be good to use T3 voluminous rollers. They can make your hair bouncy and beautiful.

Divide Hair into Small Sections

If you have smooth hair, the Velcro rollers can be a good choice to decrease tangles in hair.

For thick hair, divide them into numerous small sections and use small rollers for short hair and long rollers for long hair.

Prepare Rollers and Hair

Plug your hot rollers to heat them as you are ready to put them in the hair. If you are using rollers for the first time, carefully read the instructions of the manufacturer to use this equipment properly.

Initiate styling with dry hair because your wet hair may not hold roller. Apply rollers and spray hair with hairspray to define curls.

Divide hair into three sections to manage rollers and get proper curls in whole head. Start rolling your hair from the front section and wrap front hair around the roller.

Use hair clips or roller pins to secure rollers in their place. If you want to get uniform curls, it will be good to try to roll your hair in different directions. It will give a natural look to your hairstyle.

Medium rollers are good to get perfect curls in large size. For tight and small curls, you will need tight hot rollers.

A firm-hold hairspray proves helpful to get tight rollers. You should cover each roller with curl. It will keep the curls intact as you take the rollers down. Keep rollers in hair for almost 20 to 30 minutes.

To safely remove rollers, take off all pins one by one and let the curls fall away from hot rollers. Fluff up and separate your curls with the help of your fingers. To increase hold, spray more hair spray on your hair.

Get Bouncy Waves

For bouncy and loose waves, you will need big rollers. Plug in rollers to let them heat while preparing hair for this styling technique.

Pour mousse into your palm and rub your both hands to spread it over your hands. Smoothly rub your hands over your hair to apply mousse. It will keep your hair in shape while using hot rollers.

Make sections of hair, apply roller and spray with hairspray all over. Wait for 20 minutes and slowly release all rollers one by one.


Hot rollers help you to get the best finish. Just choose reliable hot rollers and smoothly wrap your hair around rollers. You can use hair clips to fix rollers to their place.

Hot hair rollers will not only add curls in your hair, but these are useful to add volume. These can add extra oomph to any wavy hairstyle.

Read hot rollers tips – Q&A to learn more about hot rollers and tricks to get long-lasting curls without damaging your hair.


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