An Interview With Root Science Organic Skincare

I get so excited when I come across skincare brands that really stand out from the pack, especially in the natural skincare world. And when an impactful, quality driven line presented itself in violet glass and stunning branding, my heart cheered!

Allow me to introduce Root Science, an organic skincare line out of Walnut Creek, California. Made with spa quality ingredients aimed at supporting, healing and nourishing skin, I just had to know a little bit more about the story behind the bottle. Thank you to Root Science Co-Founder Gigja Wesneski for taking the time to chat with me!

Be Clean: Where did your commitment to making pure skincare come from?
Gigja: My commitment to making pure, organic, skin care started over 7 years ago. My younger sister and I started on a health journey together and transformed our lives completely. My younger sister had severe acne that started at a very young age. Her skin had greatly improved through changing her diet but she needed a topical solution to compliment her internal efforts. She had gone down the path of conventional and presecription skin care, which failed every time. When you become conscious of what you put in your body, you start to question the ingredients you put on your body. We both wanted a clean, natural solution to care for our skin, but most importantly heal her acne and scarring. This is where I began my journey and became a self-taught aromatherapist/herbalist. My very first formula was a “healing serum”. I combined the most powerful healing oils I could find in an effort to fade her scars and ward off blemishes. I will be honest, this was a very heavy, not so great smelling formula but it worked like magic. Word got out about my serum and before I knew it I had people contacting me to purchase my “healing serum”. Don’t get me wrong, it was a long 4 years of making my own skin care formulations before we became a real business. And to be honest, I had no intentions of starting a business. Formulating my own skin care was something I did out out of love and necessity. I’m still in shock that this is my business and wake up everyday overflowing with gratitude! Root Science was truly an “oops baby”!

Be Clean: What makes Root Science stand out in the natural skincare landscape?
Gigja: Root Science is quite different than most natural skin care lines out there for two major reasons. First, what is on the inside of the bottle is quite unique. Our formulas contain advanced aromatherapy blends of essential oils chosen for their powerful skin benefits – never scent. We don’t follow the common blending guidelines found in Aromatherapy text, so you will find that our products do not contain that typical earthy scent that natural skin care is infamous for. One of the things I noticed 7 years ago when I started formulating my own products was that most of the natural lines had a very distinct earthy, crunchy-ness to them as far as scent, texture and experience. That personally didn’t resonate with me. I would consider myself a modern woman, who appreciates organic food, drinks her green juice, does yoga, meditates (burns incense once in a while), but that doesn’t mean I want my skin care to feel like a time warp back to the hippie era. I wanted my skin care experience to feel luxurious, smell fresh, and deliver amazing results all at the same time. Our packaging is also quite unique as we use violet glass to protect against light degradation. We also use pumps instead of droppers to protect against the constant exposure to oxygen. Both light and oxygen are enemies when it comes to natural, preservative-free skin care. Light and oxygen decrease the shelf life, nutrient content, and cause products to go rancid at a much faster rate. Natural ingredients are fragile by nature and we go to great lengths to protect the integrity of our ingredients.

Second (and most importantly), Root Science stands out because we formulate around the needs of skin, not cost, scent, color or fads. We take skin care kind of serious around here. One of the biggest inspirations for starting the line was my younger sister’s skin issues as mentioned above. I saw how devastating it was both mentally and physically, and I wanted to offer a line that was formulated around the individual needs of skin types ranging from hypersensitive to mature – so everyone had a chance to experience the feeling of loving the skin they’re in (I know it sounds corny but it’s true). We don’t buy into the whole idea that one size fits all, I mean after all, how can one product work for everyone? That’s like saying everyone should fit into a size 8 (that’s just silly). You will notice that the line is growing and will continue to grow as we formulate new products to love and nourish all the various skin types out there. One tidbit I feel inclined to share is that all of my formulas, regardless of the type of skin they are made for, are formulated around the idea that all skin is sensitive. We never use harsh, reactive, photosensitizing ingredients (yes, even natural ingredients can be rough on the delicate skin on your face).

Be Clean: What’s your best piece of advice for healthy skin?
Gigja: The best piece of advice (and I tell everyone this) is that healthy skin starts on the inside. Eating a diet rich in “real” food – meaning unprocessed, organic, nutrient rich fruits, vegetables and so forth is key. I make sure to eat the colors of the rainbow with a heavy focus on greens. One thing I’m religious about is eating a 1/2 avocado everyday, it’s one of the best skin foods out there and I swear by it! I’ve noticed a major difference in my skin since avocados became a daily staple in my diet. Organic skin care is second, it compliments your effort by delivering topical nutrients sans the toxins, artificial preservatives, and fillers found in conventional skin care (YUCK!).

Be Clean: What is your favorite ingredient?
Gigja: Yikes! This is like asking a mother which one of her children is her favorite. In this very moment I am crushing hard on Sea Buckthorn. You may have noticed that I include this skin loving ingredient in every single serum we offer. The use of Sea Buckthorn dates back thousands of years and for good reason! The nutrient content of this oil is remarkable and with its high concentration of vitamin C and essential fatty acids, skin immediately begins to glow with use!

I love learning the stories and drive behind Be Clean brands! If you’re looking for a supportive, nourishing and organic skincare line made by a team of passionate and caring people, check out Root Science today! The cleanser and scrub are made for all skin types! The Youth Serum and Reborn Mask are for dry and mature skin, and the Bare Defense Serum and Detox Mask are for oily, acne prone, and sensitive skin. Have questions? Leave your comments below! -Becky


Marlene Haynes is a skin care specialist and beauty blogger who lived in CA. Marlene has been focusing on skin care for a few years and has helped many people get rid of their skin problems. Be Clean Shop is where she shared her knowledge and reach out to more people who need her advice.

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