New Year, New Moon: Meet Our Favorite Body Oils

You know how you fall in love with a product and you just can stop raving about it? That’s how we feel about New Moon body oils from Smoke Perfume. Made with wildcrafted plants that were foraged by maker Kathleen Currie, the New Moon oils pair moisturizing ingredients with healing, soothing botanical infusions. Kathleen took some time to share her New Moon oil story with us, so please read on and enjoy 10% on the line with code SMOKE.

What’s the story behind your body oils? What inspired you to create a body oil line?

When I created the first oil (the Full Moon Rose) I had just recently completed my year long herbal studies program, and was very inspired to take things in more of an apothecary direction. Herb-infused oils are a wonderful way to deliver the medicinal properties within plants, and I’d made oil-infusions to use in my massage practice all year. While in Rhode Island for a weekend last Summer, I was delighted to discover their wild rosa rugosa rose in full-bloom! This wild rose is a coastal rose, and just so gorgeous in full bloom along the sea cliffs of the rugged coast. I harvested them, and knowing how wonderful rose is for the skin, decided the body oil would be the perfect use for it.

Since then, I have created oils when the plant inspires me. Cypress, yarrow & sage are plants that have inspired me, moved me, or came to my aid in a unique way. I’ve also been a huge fan of body oils within my own skincare, and have seen them completely heal and transform my skin from acneic to clear and glowing! The body oils just seemed like the perfect extension to my line–fun to make, practical yet beautiful, and deliciously luxurious to use!


Tell me more about your process. Where do you forage the plants you include in your oils? How did you decide on these particular plants?

For the rose body oil, I have formed a relationship with a local organic rose grower, so I go to her farm and harvest by hand there. The cypress I forage in Mississippi or Louisiana. I really love Cypress for its grounding and cooling ability during times of emotional or environmental distress. I’ve had a relationship with the essential oil for a long time, but the raw plant came to me during a very emotional time, and was a gentle yet strong aid. It’s also wonderfully astringent, and incredibly healing and balancing for oily skin!

Yarrow and Sage was an inspiration to me during a vacation to Colorado. I was spending the entire time camping and hiking, and just being amongst so much wild yarrow and sage at the peak of their season was wonderful! I wanted to bring the beauty and peace of that trip back, as well as yarrow’s wonderful ability to heal the skin and psyche. I’m always careful to source from what I know to be a clean, pesticide-free environment.

What’s your favorite way to use the oils? You explain that they’re quite multi-purpose, but tell me more: do you have any success stories to share with their application in any particular setting?

The rose is really successful in clearing acne. I’ve had customers rave about that, and it’s my go to face oil, and has helped with my hormonal/jawline acne tremendously! I like to use the cypress anywhere deep, rich moisture is needed–I love it as a shave oil, a foot treatment, hair oil, and it’s been really healing for a customer with bad psoriasis! The yarrow is so invigorating with it’s blend of sweet orange and peppermint essential oils! I love it after a long day, or after my morning shower as a body oil. The smell is intoxicating, and yarrow is a powerful aid in balancing our personal boundaries (another reason I love it as a full body oil and massage oil!)

You put so much TLC into these oils, and it shows. What fuels your passion?

Working with the raw plants fuels my passion! I love the moment inspiration hits, the act of foraging them, and figuring out what would best combine with them (carrier oils, essential oils, additional nourishing oils etc.). I love working intuitively, so as long as I can stay creative and intuitive, I stay passionate.

Do you have any goals for 2016?
Yes, I’ll be launching my newest scent Wellspring shortly (note from Be Clean: we’ve smelled it and it’s amazing) and taking some continuing education.


Marlene Haynes is a skin care specialist and beauty blogger who lived in CA. Marlene has been focusing on skin care for a few years and has helped many people get rid of their skin problems. Be Clean Shop is where she shared her knowledge and reach out to more people who need her advice.

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