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Loyalty Program

We’re excited to introduce our new community appreciation program! To thank you for your support, you will now receive points toward a 20% off coupon* when you purchase goods, leave product reviews, and share Be Clean on Instagram. Once you accrue 300 points you will receive a 20% off coupon to be used on a Be Clean purchase within 6 months. You get points by:
-Making purchases ($1= 1 point)
-Referring a friend who makes a purchase (25 points)
-Leaving thorough product reviews on the website (15 points)
-Sharing your purchase on Instagram or Facebook (15 points)
Make sure to tag @becleanshop on any social posts so we don’t miss the mention! To get credit for friend referrals, make sure your friend writes your name in the notes section at checkout.
Because we’re small, this program is managed manually! Please email to sign up.
*Coupons not valid on gift or skincare sets

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