Want to Refresh Your Spring Makeup Routine?

Feeling like your makeup routine needs a little refresh after this year’s unending winter season? Same here. I got a head start with a fresh coat of Mischo’s Birthday Suit and maybe 1 or 2 minutes of eyebrow tweezing (I think I’ll leave the rest to a professional!), but I’m looking forward to an actual makeup reboot.

In the spirit of spring, Be Clean and Suz Eden, The Makeup Teacher, are hosting a No Makeup Makeup Look class. Suz’s makeup work has been published in books such as the recently released DesignHer, Style Me Pretty, and regional publications like The Scout Guide and Washington Life. I chatted with her to learn more about her passion and why you might want to invest in a makeup application class:

1. Why is makeup artistry your passion? 
I have a passion for accentuating natural beauty. I prefer enhancing the features that a person’s face presents instead of transforming it. Natural makeup enhancements make a huge difference and help to boost confidence!
2. What are some of your favorite tools for a natural makeup look? 
My fingers! You can create a beautiful natural makeup look with your fingers. Before I had the fancy brushes I have now, I applied makeup on my own face with my fingers only. In our spring workshop at Be Clean, I will teach you some easy finger application techniques that you will love!
3. Why should someone take your makeup class? 
People say they like my makeup lesson classes because I have an easy, natural, and relatable approach to makeup. I also understand to the everyday makeup challenges that we all have, ie: not enough time to wear it, color matching questions, application techniques. I do the research on the challenges and practice them, so all you have to do is show up and learn!
As a former teacher, I take the time to really plan out my makeup lessons and classes so my clients will leave with success and confidence in whatever makeup application that I am teaching!
Why don’t you join us? Tickets are $50 and we only have 4 seats left.
Ps: As part of your ticket, you get a discount on your Be Clean Shop skincare purchase.

Marlene Haynes is a skin care specialist and beauty blogger who lived in CA. Marlene has been focusing on skin care for a few years and has helped many people get rid of their skin problems. Be Clean Shop is where she shared her knowledge and reach out to more people who need her advice.

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